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GHS workshops - Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney

Science Industry Australia and the Australasian Laboratory Managers Association will be hosting a series of  workshops around Australia during 2015.  These workshops will provide attendees with knowledge they need with regards to application of the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals under Australian Work Health and Safety legislation. 

Why should you attend?

  Many products currently classified as 'not hazardous' under the old NOHSC Approved Criteria will change to 'hazardous' according to GHS criteria under the WHS Regulations. So even though there is a 5 year transition period, GHS classification and labelling will be mandatory after 1 January 2017, and that's less than 2 years away!

  These workshops are designed for  staff charged with the responsibility for signage, labelling and storage of a range of chemicals in all forms. They are suitable for suppliers, end users and anybody responsible for conforming with workplace safety

For more information and to register click on the workshop of interest below

Adelaide May 7 closed

Perth June 11 closed

Brisbane July 7

Sydney July 22

Sydney July 23 fully booked

Melbourne November 16 (in conjunction with Laboratory Management Conference 


Laboratory Management Conference November 16 to 18 2015
Eithad Stadium Melbourne

Laboratory Design Conference November 18-19 2015
Eithad Stadium Melbourne


Exhibition stands available only in conjuction with the Laboratory Management conference 

 Exhibition stands  available only to SIA financial member companies

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