AshrafWeb.jpgDr Ashraf Mina
Principal Scientist,
NSW Health Pathology


Dr Mina is a principal scientist with 33 years’ work experience in running and managing analytical and clinical services, research, and education, including strategic planning and financial management in teaching hospitals and the private sector. Dr Mina also has a special interest in managing quality, change management, redesign workflow and service integration. Over the last few years, Dr Mina developed a special interest in digital health such as big data, clinical decision support systems, digital pathology, data curation, and algorithm.

Dr Mina will address what Big Data means for patients, payers, device makers and companies, and the huge opportunities and challenges of working with Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.


JenniferMcIntyre.jpgJennifer McIntyre
Business Development Manager – Life Sciences,
Siemens Limited


Jennifer McIntyre has 13 years’ experience designing and implementing control systems for laboratories and currently works with Siemens Smart Infrastructure to develop laboratory control solutions. She has worked for Siemens in Canada for most of her career before to moving to Australia, where she brings experience successfully working with manifolded lab ventilation systems. Jennifer has been involved with design engineering and project management on numerous laboratory projects including consulting services for the BMS and Lab Control System scope.

Jennifer will discuss changing our perspective on lab energy management, including digitalisation, changing tactics, new design solutions and the future of fume cupboards.



ChrisAlcockW.jpgChris Alcock
Six Ideas

Nikki McDonald


Nikki McDonald is CSIRO’s internal Change Manager for the ACT Site Consolidation Project and led CSIRO’s first transition to an Activity Based Work environment in the B279 project. Nikki has been with the CSIRO for 15 years, joining the Change team in 2016 for the head office transition to open plan workspace, then leading the change management and relocation programs for 450 research staff into Synergy in 2017. Currently Nikki is leading the change management for the Canberra Collections Accommodation Project, a purpose built facility to house five of CSIRO’s National Research Collections and 200 staff on Black Mountain, and the Perth Precinct Project which aims to rationalise CSIRO’s Perth footprint.

Chris Alcock is a director of workplace and change management consultancy Six Ideas. He has been working with CSIRO on the ACT Site Consolidation project since 2014. He has also been providing change management advisory services to the National Measurement Institute of Australia, the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (NZ), the National Institute of Water and Environmental Research (NZ), the University of Melbourne and the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science in Canberra.



VijeshLalW.jpgVijesh Lal
Laboratory Specialist,
The Pacific Community

Vijesh Lal joined The Pacific Community (SPC) as Laboratory Specialist in 2013. Before joining SPC he was working as a senior laboratory technologist based at pathology department in the Colonial War Memorial Hospital for 9 years and then joined the Oceania Society for Sexual Health and HIV Medicine as a HIV/STI laboratory Coordinator.  He has worked with Fiji's Ministry of Health and Medical Services to implement new HIV testing algorithms throughout Fiji's laboratories.

Using as a case study his work with Villa Central Hospital in Vanuatu, Vijesh will outline the road to accreditation, covering all aspects essential to laboratory operations, including organisational structure, core processes, diagnostic procedures and quality assurance.



Daren Cumberbatch
Digital Science,
Thermo Fisher


Daren Cumberbatch leads Thermo Fisher’s Digital Science ANZ business. Digital Science provides market-leading laboratory and data management solutions. These solutions enable customers to advance science, increase efficiency, compliance and profitability. Daren joined Thermo Fisher in 2014 as a Chromatography Product Specialist, promoted to Principal Territory Manager, Chromatography and Informatics, and again in February 2018. Previously, Daren worked for AstraZeneca UK in R&D for 13 years developing Oncology and CVGI formulations, using LIMS for 10 years (an “Expert-User”). Daren is a Chartered Chemist (MRSC), graduated in Chemistry from Leeds in 1991 and an MSc in Analytical Chemistry from Huddersfield in 1997.

In 'The Digital Transformation of the Lab,' Daren will talk about how our unparalleled informatics capabilities, scientific expertise and innovative technology drives the laboratories workflows from discovery to manufacturing, and introducing the state-of-the-art laboratory data-management solutions which are used by leading pharma/biopharma, food and beverage, clinical and healthcare, industrial and applied organizations.



Joe Santangelo and Brent Teasdale
AG Mandal Group


With over 20 years of experience in the Tertiary Education Sector, Joe Santangelo has developed a skill set that provides the ability to take complex laboratory projects from inception to completion.  He is passionate about enabling and facilitating researchers and experts in their field by supporting their visions and aspirations through quality design, project delivery and efficient operations of their complex laboratory and process engineering environments.

Together with Brent Teasdale, Joe will impart solid knowledge of the relevant standards, employing processes and tools to help laboratory managers assess safety risks of their gas delivery systems and to keep up with operational and program changes.  Their presentation will step through the Gas Hygiene Study process and will be valuable to Laboratory Managers responsible for the safe use of gases.